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The Cuckold & The Cosmopolite

The Post World War II Psy-Ops to Steal Your Wife and Children.


The war on your household is never ceasing. The deceits of the world tell you to send your children to state institutions, spend your money on frivolous and fruitless things, that your food should be cheap and meat-free, your leisurely time should be spent idly consuming Netflix and Disney+, and above all your wife should work–and with more ambition than you. To compound the problem, you must defend your household from these attacks while spending up to ten hours each day working away from your home, your children, and your wife. For these reasons, it is imperative then, that your wife at home that has the trust of your heart, does good for you and not evil, and dresses herself in strength (Proverbs 31:11,12,17) so that she might participate with you in the structuring of your home to be one that is God-honoring, patriarchal, and rightly ordered.

Now, before I ruffle all the feathers, it is important to state that it is not my intent to observe every possible exception to this biblical baseline. Some might find themselves in a circumstance in which food on the table and a roof overhead may require a wife to temporarily, or otherwise, participate in an economy outside of the home. Those instances are to be carefully considered within each Christ-centered home after leveraging all other options and a peculiar type of shepherding from elders at the local church.

Nor is it my intent to imply that a wife cannot participate in any economy. A woman under the headship of her father or husband can certainly undertake industrious tasks that teach them household management skills that can be applied in their own homes and families so long as it is not obtained through the neglect or outright refusal of their existing home-bound duties. Services such as caring for the infirmed or visiting shut-ins within the local community or helping new mothers are all very appropriate, just to name a few. Even more industrious endeavors can be God-honoring. Making and selling furnishings, clothing, foodstuffs, or other objects of profit has been a critical component of home economies for centuries. In fact, throughout much of human history, an industrious wife helped to transform her husband’s subsistence farming into a profitable business enterprise.

Post-World War II Psy-Ops

The world changed in many ways after the second world war. Post World War II policies and industries brought about significant changes for the traditional household. Processed food, mainstream public education, and women in the workforce would usher in the era of feminism and shape the world as we know it.

Liberated from Labor—World War II demanded cheap, stable, and ready to eat food for the battlefield. Food technology advanced massively during this time and certainly contributed to the United States’ successes in their war efforts. These advancements in food technology, permanent changes to food production infrastructure, and financial interests meant that processed food was here to stay—for better or for worse.

Marketing (of a pseudo-feminist variety) convinced women that they were slaves to their homes in need of liberation. As families flocked to profitable suburban regions grocery stores doubled in size and number and mainstream availability of electric appliances all supported the notion that a wife could be liberated from her labors and duties as a wife and mother. Toaster ovens, TV dinners, boxed meals, and an abundance of imported canned goods made the time required in the kitchen to provide substantive meals almost negligible compared to the centuries before. With all this free time they could focus on getting gossip from neighbors and magazines at the hair salon and drink martinis all day–if it weren’t for having to tend to those pesky kids.

Highly Processed Education—By 1950, nearly every state had compulsory education laws and over half of the nation’s young adults had a high school degree. The war for the children was waging, and few knew that they were being attacked. Children were being drawn to institutionalized education centers and away from the home for decades, but the scales had tipped. Public schools were now the norm. Socialization, education, worldview formation, and all adolescent productivity occurred at the state school.

Like processed food, state education was cheap, easy, formulated, could be managed by bureaucratic state agencies, and incredibly convenient. This mass adoption of state education was necessary to fully liberate women from the home. They were ready to be reintroduced to the workplace.

The Marriage Bed for a Cubicle—At this time, the economy and industries were booming. America's industrial infrastructure became such that it demanded a massive workforce to maintain. Women in the workforce was a Psy-op on the American people during a crisis. We “needed” women to support the war effort at home, and the household never fully recovered. By 1950, women were trickling back to the workforce in droves, to abandon their homes, children, and husbands. Instead of faithful servitude to a husband and productivity towards the home economy, a working woman seeks out another woman’s husband to serve and contributes to his home economy. They have traded the marriage bed for a cubicle.

The Cuckold & the Cosmopolite

All these efforts had upended the household structure and disordered the family. Have you consented to, or even demanded this disordering of your own home? Have you sacrificed health and joy for easy and cheap food or frequent take-out? Are you sending your children to the state for their worldview formation and education? Have you sold your wife to another man so that you can observe her providing him with her productive time, ambitions, and attention? Do you sit quietly in the corner of the room watching her misdirected faithfulness for perverse economic satisfaction?

Women have left their homes, their places of security and safety, and have run into the world to pay service to other men. These women have forfeited their home and the joys of raising their own children and caring for their husbands. They find themselves outside the gates, wandering the wilderness, keeping no covenants, free from commitments. Their husbands have been made to be cuckolds through their cosmopolitan unfaithfulness.

Housewife to Hostess

I state this firmly–you must prioritize your household and your family. Your wife must stay home to care for you and your household. Homeschool your children. Orient yourselves so that you can support the home with only your income. Eat real food. Sing the Psalms. Believe Ephesians 5:22-33 with all your heart. Lead your family. Reestablish the patriarchy.

As we so often find, there is virtue in the reestablishment of old or forgotten God-honoring traditions. Yet, we often find ways to improve upon such ways of life that bring together the blessings of creation, modern life, and Christ’s dominion over everything.

I am thankful to the Lord that my wife does not have to labor from sunup to sundown to maintain a healthy order in the home. She can “buy back” much of her time by using God-given luxuries like a clothes washer, a crockpot, and even the grocery store. With her freedom she can be more thorough in homeschooling of the children, beautifying our home, breed chickens and plant a quarter acre flower and herb garden, be more involved with friends and church-family, make meals for those in need, and most importantly spend ample time in prayer and the study of God’s word. The curse of the fall, while still heavy, has been lifted ever so slightly and gives us a taste of the glory that is ahead of us.

My wife is liberated from the chains of being a housewife. She has taken on the chains of Christ; and thus, no longer just a housewife, but a hostess of the Kingdom–taking dominion with every soothed babe, every meal prepared, and every act of hospitality.

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